Activities to alleviate Anxiety and Depression

Activities to alleviate Anxiety and Depression

Activities to alleviate Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression are the most common mental health conditions experienced during a lifetime. It is a serious but treatable disorder that affects millions of people, from young to old and from all walks of life. It gets in the way of everyday life, causing tremendous pain, hurting not just those suffering from it but also impacting everyone around them like their family, friends colleagues, etc. If someone you love is depressed and anxious, you may be experiencing several difficult emotions, including anger, fear, guilt, worry, sadness, helplessness, and frustration. These feelings are all normal and it’s not easy dealing with a friend or family member in such a case. But we can consider a few things that can help our loved ones to overcome such conditions.

Participating in Sports and Activities

The regular practice of sports is excellent for mental health. At the same time, it might be very challenging for people who suffer from anxiety or depression to get out of the house or even getting out of bed and involving in such actions. But giving a try, supporting or taking support from our loved ones during the process can boost our self-esteem. Other, activities such as immersing oneself at book club or reading books, low impact activities such as gardening or cycling may too be ideal. Some may benefit from spiritual activities Finally, even taking on someone else’s character, in the form of acting or role play, can bring out new emotions and suppress fear and depression.


It is well established that exercise increases energy levels and mood state. There is much medical evidence showing the beneficial effects of exercise on cardiovascular disease, obesity, and diabetes. Currently, there is a growing interest to see if physical activity can also improve symptoms of mental illness. Exercise can go a long way toward mitigating the effects of depression and anxiety. Exercise releases important hormones, which have a distinct mood-lifting effect. Of course, always be mindful of getting injured and don’t overdo it. 

Pampering Oneself

This goes for individuals of every age group, no matter if its elders, teen, or children, but some self-care can be a great way to reduce the effects of anxiety or depression. Relaxation such as yoga and massage therapy or simple oil massage at home, caring skin by applying some home remedies, body strengthening such as dance, aerobics, painting and arts, all have real therapeutic value. So, we can involve during to process to increase our loved one’s self-esteem.

Proper Diet 

Improving one’s diet not only makes them feel better it improves their mobility and energy levels, makes them sharper and more productive both at work and at home. Proper diet also promotes healthier vitamin and mineral levels in the body which can play a significant role in how we feel. Vitamins in the body help the function of enzymes that enable reactions such as the synthesis of serotonin, which plays an essential role in our happiness. As, Vitamin D is more difficult to metabolize through food, so it can be acquired simply sitting under the morning sunlight. However, consumption of iron, zinc, etc. through dietary supplementation as per requirement can be started under the supervision of a qualified physician. 

Ongoing support will play a major role in the person’s recovery and this support may come from many sources, including friends and family members, health professionals, and perhaps support groups. It’s important to ensure that people with anxiety and other mental health conditions develop skills to support themselves and do not become dependent on the person supporting them.

Bipin Shrestha
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