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3, Sep 2018

“All the world’s a stage,

And all the men and women merely players”

-William Shakespeare

Inquiring into the unit ‘Actors in Residence’, the students of Grade 9 took off on a learning journey to explore into the workings of  plays - by transforming themselves into actors. With first hand experience of stage acting, the 9th graders were able to analyze different plays, their elements  their theatrical execution.


With the conclusion of the unit, the students organized a program to showcase their respective plays.The program was a composite of  4 different plays: Actor’s Nightmare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Macbeth and Electra.


The students exhibited their dedication and  passion towards the play in numerous rehearsals leading up to the final show. All the 9th graders were very enthusiastic and all the logistics and arrangements  for the play including the props, tickets, costumes, backdrops, lighting, posters were managed and prepared by the students themselves with the help of their teachers. The rehearsals were supervised by mr.Dronashish Neupane guiding them through the play.

The final show  was scheduled on June 25th, Monday in the School Auditorium. The 9th graders were able to attract an audience of approximately 200. With the combined effort of  students, teachers and the technical team, the play ran smoothly without any major glitches. With much positive feedback from their peers and parents, the curtains drew to a close.

Actor’s Nightmare enacted a story about how a confused accountant wanders into a stage where numerous plays are being presented at the same time,whereas Electra was a tragic greek play about the eponymous character Electra and her brother Orestes and how they unite to take exact revenge on their mother and their step-father for the murder of their father during the Trojan War.

The other two plays were Shakespearean plays: A Midsummer Night’s Dream - a comedic fantasy and Macbeth- a tragedy. The actors of the plays indeed had put in extra effort remembering their dialogues that were written in old english. The effort and hardwork put into the play on the final day paid off as they managed to execute all the plays very well much to the delight of their audience which chiefly included their parents.