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17, Sep 2018

Chinese Cultural Dance

Globalization has rapidly taken over the world, making it a necessity for people today to  understand and appreciate multiculturalism. More and more people around the world have been gravitated towards learning chinese language in recent times, Nepal being no exception. However, it’s not just limited to language.  “It is equally important that the students know Chinese culture other than just to speak the language”, says Ms.Denver, a chinese language teacher at Premier International IB World School.

In the recently concluded Chinese cultural program, Premier continued their legacy of giving an exception performance bagging first prize in the event from dance category.  

The annual Chinese Cultural Performance hosted by the embassy of the People’s Republic of China was hosted by Premier for the third time in a row. The Cultural Performance included three key aspects- Chinese Speaking Contest, Chinese performance and an art competition known as ‘China in my mind’.

The program was organized to spread the  knowledge of Chinese culture in youth of Nepal. The various songs, dances,art and language competitions introduced different  aspects of chinese culture to both participants and the audience alike.