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13, Aug 2018

Premier celebrates World environment day

Environment day- June 5 is marked by the United Nations as World Environment Day, a day set aside since 1974 to promote “worldwide awareness and action for the protection of our environment.” This year's theme was“beat plastic pollution.”Every year, PYP students, celebrate world environment day with various activities planned for each class. This year was no exception either. The students participated in activities ranging from simple essay writing competitions to events that required them to whip out their creativity and DIY recyclable items.


Grade 5

The dynamic fifth graders observed World Environment Day,by conducting a cleaning campaign from Patan Durbar Square to Banglamukhi, a world heritage site. The students realized the importance of keeping our national and cultural pride as well as our environment as a whole clean. Alongside, they also drew various posters with an objective of raising awareness about being more responsible towards environment.


Grade 4

Fourth graders worked on the theme ‘ Best of Waste’ where in they recycled waste items such as plastic bottles and paper bags. It was a great opportunity that allowed them to unwind their creative self while planting in themselves the self-awareness regarding the environment.


Grade 3

Eckhart Tolle once said,“Awareness is the greatest agent for change.” Indeed it is. Keeping this in mind the students of grade 3 designed awareness posters and displayed them on the school boards with their goal being to change people’s attitude towards the environment.


Grade  2

The second graders once again initiated the idea of recycling. They used plastic bags to create pretty flowers. They had great fun while carrying out this upcycled DIY craft activity.

Grade 1

As for the first graders, they watched videos on taking care of environment and developing a healthy surrounding. They shared their knowledge through drawing and reflective writing in small groups. They ventured off to Godavari Botanical Garden for a nature walk and to create a sense of awareness about protecting the environment among themselves. Students also did plantation in school after the nature walk. They wrapped up the week by talking about the usage of recycled paper bags/cloth bags and decided together to stop the usage of plastic bags in their classrooms.


The students had different activities like plantation, making paper bags, recycling the old CD's to make photo frames and fishes, Tissue paper rolls to make pencil holder and painting old T-shirts.They also visited Godawari Botanical Garden for a nature walk like the first graders.The environment week was wrapped up with a mini exhibition of their works done throughout the week.