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1, Oct 2018

My Story- Natasha Shah

“I never thought I could sing.” said the singer from the stage where everyone seemed to be gazing awe struck.  Premier’s monthly ‘My Story’ sessions had always been exciting but this time, the excitement was greater and the buzz in the auditorium louder. Our guest was the girl with the guitar behind the camera- everyone’s favourite, Natasha Shah otherwise known as Nattu.


On the yellow lit stage she held the mic and took us on a walk down the same path she had walked through so many years ago. Her career as a singer began when she posted her original song ‘Ma Dherai Maya Garchu’ on YouTube- a platform which at the time was still not as popular. Unknown to her, the song went viral with nearly 200,000 views. While pursuing her diploma in music, she gained positive responses about the song which was when she learned about her popularity. Today, her songs bring a smile on everyone’s face and seems to be able to cheer up even the Grinch of every crowd.


As a child when she realized that she wasn’t attracted to boys like all the other girls, she was often made fun of. When her principle called her to ask why she thought other kids were bullying her, Nattu replied that it was because she was different. At this her headmistress exclaimed, “Well good! You’re  different, unique”. This was the ‘coming out’ chapter of her life. She expressed her gratitude for having her friends and family support her no matter what gender she was attracted to. Claiming to have being born in the wrong generation, she goes on to tell us about her journey as a sports captain who unfortunately could not pursue sports as much as she would have liked to due to the lack of opportunities and the close mindset of our Nepalese community that studies are the only important thing in life.


Being from a musically inclined family, she too gained interest in music at a young age and started singing; further pursuing the very subject in her higher level education. She encouraged us to chase our dreams no matter what and do what you love. The programme was nearing to an end and what better way to close it off than through a live concert? Her silvery voice filled the auditorium and left our hearts fluttering as she bid her goodbye and walked through the exit.