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26, Sep 2018

With a goal to send one of her own films into the Berlinale, Smriti Basnet is a producer who is currently working at Amuse Communications. In the September  session of “My story”, the young producer shared how her passion for cinematography and journalism led her to the position she is in now.

Basnet had been fascinated with  journalism ever since middle school. Following her dreams to someday stand in the BBC news studio, Smriti left for Mumbai to pursue journalism at Sophia College. She then worked for “The Economic Times” as a writer after completing her degree.

She decided to return to Nepal after the Earthquake of 2015. Smriti defined the period as “sad times for all but an exciting time for journalism”. During those times, she worked on articles regarding the rampant corruption and the the deprivation of aid in different hugely affected areas of the country.

Smriti started off her career in cinematography firstly coordinating, revising and editing scripts for small skits. “The transition from journalism to cinematography would have been very difficult if it weren’t for my seniors who pushed me to venture into a new field.”, Basnet described her transformation from a journalist to a producer as one of the biggest changes in her life.

She also shared how even a five minute scene took an hour of filming or even the whole day. To elucidate how each scene in a film requires shots from different angles, she showed a short clip of the making of one of the scenes of her short film.

When asked who she was inspired by, Basnet said that she looked upto Keki Adhikari, the youngest actor-turned-producer whose films were a big hit in the Nepalese film industry.

Along with the students who shared the same interest as Basnet, all the students paid her undivided attention till the end of the program when she showed a short video that her team had made for UNICEF regarding internet safety. The video that featured Rapper Uniq Poet was an initiation to raise awareness against the dark sides of the digital world.