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6, Feb 2019

                                     Premier to host World Scholar’s Cup


On its 13th year of establishment, the World Scholar’s Cup (WSC) has managed to unite thousand of students of diverse backgrounds and revolutionize the traditional learning techniques. This year, schools from Nepal are also set  to participate with Premier International School hosting the “regional” round from February 10-11.


The scholar’s cup was founded by Daniel Berdichevsky in Korea in 2007. It was a small regional tournament hosted by the Hankuk Academy of Foreign Studies that weeks later brought together students of Korean, Singaporean and American nationality.It aims at inspiring a global community of future leaders who are passionate about discovering new strengths and practicing new skills. This institution aims for inclusiveness and team work to forward looking and discussion based programs that ultimately makes students more compassionate about learning more of the world.

Photo Courtesey: St.Joseph’s Institution International School Malyasia


The tournament consists of four events comprising of six subject- literature, science, social, art, special area and history. This year’s  theme is ‘A world on the margins’. The four events- scholars bowl,collaborative writing,scholars challenge and team debate include questionnaires from the six subject areas for which teams of three must work in collaboration to score points for themselves.


The scholar’s bowl is a loud game of time and speed. Teams are required to click on the right option as soon as they can. The scholars challenge on the other hand is a set of multiple choice questions but with a twist- circle as many options as you want! Team debate and collaborative writing are merely debates, one verbal while the other tests the power of your words.


Premier International School is delighted to host a program like this that truly celebrates diversity in learning.