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4, Mar 2020

“The best performances are the ones that can be performed once”

 -Brandon Saderson

Premier International School hosted School Play 'IMAGINE' on 29th of February 2020 on Saturday. This play was a huge success for the Premier family. All the parents who attended the School Play were all very overwhelmed. This time all the clubs came together to bring this great performance. All the students from PYP 2-4 and MYP 6-9 were there in this play. We had 2 different plays executed. One was done by the blue section while the other one was done by the yellow section. Though all the students were not seen on the stage, they still had a major role in bringing this play together. This play was successful because of the unity between the grades from 2-9. We as a student would like to thank Sujan sir for the idea of the play which was executed fabulously by the students of the drama clubs including all the other clubs. We would like to thank our programme coordinator Miss Khushbu and Miss Martina for taking out their time and making this programme happen. We would also like to extend our gratitude toward Prem Sir who turns everything into magic along with the teachers and students who worked very hard in the making of this play.