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18, Dec 2018

Premier International School recently organized a school with no walls trip for grade 5 to Dhampus.On the 6th of December, Fifth graders assembled at the school assembly ground with their travel bags as they got ready for a 6-7 hour drive to Pokhara. On the first day of the trip, the kids didn't do much because of the travel lag but they claimed that the weather was very nice compared to Kathmandu. On the second day, the students got ready for a 1 and half hour trek to higher Dhampus from lower Dhampus. When they arrived at the destination, they were very tired but they were also excited to see the Annapurna and Fishtail mountains, but to their disappointment the weather was cold and cloudy so they could not see the sunset or the mountains. On the Third day, the students enjoyed the sunrise and the mountains around 6:30 in the morning they were very lucky because after about 15 minutes from the sunrise the clouds concealed the view for the next 24 hours. Then they returned to Pokhara and went to the Mountain Museum where they learned about the mountains and the different cultures around the mountains. After the educational trip they went to Fewa Lake for boating. While on their way back to the hotel, they made a quick stop at the lakeside shopping area where they did shopping for themselves but mostly for their families.On the fourth and last day, the students woke up early got breakfast and got back on the tourist bus which took them back to Kathmandu valley.