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20, May 2020

When you look at your family, and your home, you know you want them to be safe, always out of harm’s way. But as they say, hope is not a strategy. So, to make sure that you always get to have a safe and secure environment at home I shall share some safety tips that will keep us assured in this lockdown. These easy tips can be used to ensure the highest level of home security in this pandemic.

  • Secure windows and doors
  • Join Security alarm if possible
  • Keep telephone in ringing mode, so others know your home is not empty
  • Don't leave outgoing status in social media
  • Keep a list of all police security contact phone numbers in a safe place
  • Don’t open the main door without cross-checking
  • If outdoor lights are broken in your home then have them fixed


Keep your home life private

The internet has become a vital lifeline for so many of us during this lockdown. Friends and families are keeping in touch via video calls and social media and we are supporting our coworkers through groups all driven by popular social media platforms. The Internet is truly wonderful. However, many of us are currently either working from home with all the effort 24/7, it has become our daily routine to spend more time online, sharing with others, and being part of a community. This can be great, but it can also seriously hinder your home security.