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20, Feb 2019

Premier International School organized a spelling bee on the 15th of February, 2019. The.The spelling bee was held for both english and nepali languages with 12 students taking part in each category.English spelling bee was held in the auditorium whereas the nepali spelling bee was held in the executive auditorium. The first round was a safe round where even if the spelling was a mistake the participant would get another chance in the second round. The english spelling bee went for a total of 13 rounds whereas the nepali spelling bee ran for a marathon of 59 rounds with the adjudicators having to challenge the final 3 contestants with an entirely new set of words taken out from the dictionary. The winners of the english spelling bee were:


  1. Prastutee Nepal - Grade 8

  2. Kriesha Pradhan - Grade 9

  3. Aadil Kumar Shrestha - Grade 8


The winners of Nepali spelling bee were:

  1. Ayushi Rijal - Grade 8

  2. Moktsya Poudel - Grade 9

  3. Tisha Shakya - Grade 9