Middle School (GVI-GX)

The Middle School programme in Premier builds upon the Primary School programme and ensures a smooth transition for the students through adolescence. Specific programs are strategically planned to assist young adult’s developmental phase where they develop their ability to think abstractly and make plans and set long term goals.

Programs such as ‘My Story’, MUN, Student Editorial Team (SET), School Ambassador and Student Activity Council (SAC) amongst others provide students with real-life opportunities to apply responsible leadership skills, employability skills, and learn about the struggles and success stories of the leaders in a different field. This motivates the young adults to set their long term goals and work towards it.

 The IB MYP programme provides a challenging framework of learning that encourages students to become creative, critical and reflective thinkers. Our collaboration with internationally innovative educators such as Karkhana enhances the science, design and technology department, providing a robust program to stimulate innovation. Subscription to E-library resources such as Britannica enables students to go beyond the boundaries of textbooks to learn even from home.

The MYP units of study are set in global contexts so they explore subject-specific knowledge, ATL skills, concepts, and develop international mindedness in a context that allows them to make practical connections between their study and the real world. The MYP prepares the students intellectually for a rigorous study in any system of education.

We welcome you to visit the Middle School.