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15, Feb 2018

International trip to USA

Premier organized a two-week education and cultural exchange trip to New York City and Washington DC in the United States. Yearly international exchange programs such as these aim to provide maximum exposure to the students by choosing different countries and states during their experience in the MYP at Premier. This is an addition trip to our regular School with No Walls, a real-life learning experience where they get to go outside their comfort zone and learn and apply all aspects of the school curriculum. Premier tied up with Universal Language & Computer Institute (ULCI) which is one of the oldest and largest education services provider in Nepal.

This year we had 28 students from across MYP grades VI to IX going to the trip with the team lead of School Principal, Ms. Shirish Shrestha and Ms. Samita Joshi, parent of Khusi Shrestha (grade VIII) & Samraj Shrestha (grade V).