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14, Nov 2018

Literacy Day

Premier International School organized various writing competitions on the 8th of September, World Literacy Day. Different activities related to literacy had been organized for different grades around the school, the MYP grades had a writing competition in which initially  4 best works were selected, 1 from each House. Later, 1st, 2nd, third and 4th positions were decided from among those very 4 best works. Students participated representing 4 different houses which are Golden Eagle(GE), Green Heron(GH), Purple Moorhen(PM), Scarlet Macaw (SM) The following are the activities which were conducted:

  1. Essay Writing

  • Rashmi GE

  • Moktshya GH

  • Sharvani PM

  • Prastutee SM

  1. Poem Writing

  • Henry SM

  • Isha GH

  • Ayushi GE

  • Shaswat PM

  1. Jingle Writing

  • Tanushri SM

  • Ahsra GH

  • Kritika PM

  1. Slogan Writing

  • Ashni SM

  • Diana GE

  • Arnav PM

  • Abhinav GH

  1. News Writing

  • Jatin GE

  • Vishesh SM

  • Shreyas PM

  1. Comic Strip

  • Pratyush GH

  • Sambhav Sm

  • Parmita GE


  1. Poster Making

  • Ayushma PM

  • Ashaswi SM

  • Sarisha GH

  • Aarya GE

  1. Story Writing

  • Pratik SM

  • Brishuti PM

  • Aship GE

  1. Monologue writing

  • Ayuja GE

  • Shreya SM

  1. Journal Writing

  • Aarushi SM

  • Aayush GE

  1. Letter Writing

  • Abipsha GH

  • Madhavi SM

  • Drishant PM

UNESCO declared 8th September as Literacy day on the 26th of October 1966 at the 14th session of UNESCO’s general assembly. The literacy theme of this Year is “Literacy and Skills Development”. But the school decided to use the theme of the previous  year, which is, “Literacy in a Digital world”. So all the activities done throughout the 2nd of September till the 8th of September in Premier International School were related to “Literacy in a digital world”