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15, Feb 2018

School with no walls

Grade IV

The grade IV students went on a 3-day 2-night trip to Gorkha to see the birthplace of unification of Nepal.  The students visited the Gorkha Durbar, Gorkha Museum and also indulged in short hikes nearby. During their visit to Gorkha, they were provided with an opportunity to experience the village life, exercise socialization and also got the opportunity to work independently. They also learned about the unification of Nepal and the rise of Shah Dynasty in Nepal as they toured the historical landmark of Gorkha.

Grade V

The grade V students went on a 2-night 3 days trip to Bandipur on 20th December, 2018. They visited the living museum of Newari culture in Bandipur. They also enjoyed the mountain views and a short hike to Khanimai temple and Siddha cave. This trip provided students with an opportunity to experience the Newari culture and life by visiting the settlements nearby Bandipur.

Grade VI

A four days long trip to Chitwan by grade VI started on the 2nd of January and completed on the 5th. The trip was designed with the purpose to develop an understanding and appreciation for our country. The trip was aimed at developing social skills, independence, and other life skills. During the trip students experienced a wide range of activities such as elephant safari, jeep safari, canoeing, bird watching etc. The jungle visit was particularly interesting as they got to see many wild lives including some endangered species such as one-horned rhino, gharial crocodile, spotted deer, peacock etc.

Tharu cultural dance and a stroll around the Tharu village was another enriching experience for the children. Activities of this sort definitely help them build intercultural understanding. They also got some free time to stroll around the market nibbling at the local delicacies of Sauraha. On the last day of the trip they took some time out to play sports as well.

Grade VII

On 2nd January, 2018 grade VII went on a four-day trek to Ghandruk. The students had 2 days to hike up and down the beautiful Ghandruk village of Kaski which over all was an enthralling experience for them. Whether it was their lunch at Dalia or the short visit to Begnas, students had an enriching experience. Along with the view of mesmerizing mountains the students observed the culture of Gurungs during their visit to museum. The travel and the walk up to Ghandruk reflected how caring they were towards each other.

Students also showed a positive attitude and open-mindedness throughout the trip despite being outside their comfort zone. They visited the Taalbarahi temple on the last day and spent some time at lakeside during their stay at Pokhara.

Grade IX

On 2nd January, 2018 students of Grade IX took a trip to Mustang. The first day was a stopover at Pokhara. Students enjoyed boating at Fewa lake and visited the famous Taal Barahi temple situated at the center of Fewa lake. The next morning was towards their destination, Mustang district. The travel was fascinating as the students enjoyed watching the beautiful scenery and the flowing Kali Gandaki river on side of the road and finally reached Jomsom. They stayed overnight at Jomsom that day. The third day was to explore the beauty of Mustang. On the way to Muktinath they stopped by different places to enjoy the spectacular view, one of which was Kagbeni. After 4 hours of travel and a short hike of 30 minutes students reached ‘Muktinath’ temple. They encountered the famous 108 taps of Muktinath frozen followed by a visit to the nearby gumbas and temples. They also visited the frozen Dumba Lake experiencing layers of ice on top of lake. During their stay they also enjoyed sometime in Jomsom village. The next two days were spent in Pokhara where they visited the famous Davis Fall and Gupteshowi and enjoyed the subliminal lakeside in the evening. On their way back, the team stopped over at the banks of Trishuli.

Grade X

Grade X took a trip to Manakamana from 21st to 23rd December 2017. The trip aimed for recreational visit to Manakamana. On the first day of the trip, students went to Manakamana and then hiked to Bakreswori mandir for 2 hrs. They also visited Gorakhnath cave which ended with a recreational and refreshing evening where they enjoyed music, snacks and fire camp. On the second day, they went to royal beach camp for rafting which was followed by a short visit to the nearby villages. The evening again followed with fire camp, music and dinner. The trip provided a break for the students after their first SEE practice test.