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A class room is limitless if you find yourself tapping into that part of your brain which allows you to think. Thinking requires a trigger to be embedded within every action in the class. Once, a simple popcorn discussion about monopoly lead me to planning a business strategy.

Premier International School has been committed to the intellectual and personal development of students. As a father I have experienced Premier’s promise and potential through my own daughter’s growth into a more informed, creative and compassionate individual with an increased love for learning. I would like to heartily congratulate Premier International IB World School in completing a successful decade. May this institution continue in making impact in the lives of students across the nation and in helping them become intellectual, empathetic and responsible leaders.

It was a pleasure to visit Premier International School in Nepal and I found it to be one of the most beautiful schools I have seen in the world! I am glad to see how you aspire students to become more confident and responsible citizens. On the occasion of your establishment of 10 years of perseverance in quality education I wish you good luck and many more years of success.