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The Early Years program prepares the students intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically for a smooth transition into formal education in Grade I through play based fun learning themes included in the IB Early Years Programme.


Students are provided with a balanced curriculum to develop enquiry, decision-making, problem solving and mathematical abilities, and early literacy skills- all of which are necessary for successful formal education.  Throughout Preschool, learning is enhanced through active participation in Physical Education, Music and Movement, Arts, Craft and Dance.


Students are taught in a mixed age group setting, allowing students to develop important skills and attitude such as empathy, social skills, decision making, collaboration and communication skills.


Premier is also a sister concern organization of Nepal’s first professional Montessori teacher’s training center, Nepal Montessori Training Center, giving the advantage of integrating the Montessori method of teaching within the IB PYP curriculum framework.

Enquiry Led and Play Based Learning

Early Years At A Glance

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