Premier International School Re-opening

By Namas Thapa
Premier International School is finally back to its in-person school after more than 8 months of having online classes, thanks to the drop in Covid-19 cases in Nepal. Premier has now officially reopened physical classes for the Middle Years Programme and Primary Years Programme respectively, starting from 17th November and 18th November 2021, with many being excited and nervous.The First day of physical school was met with a lot of delighted faces as many happily greeted their friends and teachers with whom they have not had social interactions for a long time. Students were welcomed to their classrooms by their teachers with lovely messages written to them on the class boards which they were thankful for. The environment was very chatty with a lot of people trying to catch up with each other on what they have been up to in the previous months; students also got acquainted with new classmates and teachers in school. Students were taken on a school tour where they got to see the new building f0r IB Diploma students (+2). It was fun to explore the building and see new facilities added, such as the cafeteria, science laboratory, and library. The selection for the basketball and football tryouts was made and names were also taken for the school’s team. Everyone met the new sports coach and familiarized themselves with the coach. The days of physical school and online school are done on alternate days between the MYP and PYP to enable students to adjust to the environment; however, the school will open fully for all programs on 22nd November. Overall,  many students were excited about the school reopening, and the first day of school after a prolonged lockdown was greeted with great delight by the students. Everyone was filled with excitement to be back and curious about how the upcoming days might be. We hope that future days operate smoothly and wish everyone productive days ahead. Welcome Back!

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