Student counseling is a part of the program which ensure a positive and successful student life experience. It promotes student success by helping them with learning social relationships, making difficult decisions, or managing emotions such as feeling depressed, anxious, worried, or isolated. Through one-on-one counselling, advocacy and collaboration, school counsellor promote equity and access to rigorous educational experiences for all students. School Counselor takes a proactive child-centered and developmental approach in working with students, parents, and teachers to promote student motivation and engagement.


The school counsellor actively leads the following programs among many to ensure positive student life experience.


Boys and Girls Club:

This club educates and addresses issues regarding emotional, social and physical aspects of the young adults. Some of the common subjects addressed are education program to prevent bullying and other forms of violence, developing positive relationships and social problem-solving.


One-on-one counseling:

The school counselor is a safe and trusted person for the students to go to during times of emotional distress. The counselor carefully supports the child and tech ‘self-help’ skills while ensuring confidentiality.


The school counselor also closely works with all the departments concerning the students to ensure a positive student life experience.


Student Support:

  • Student Emotional/ Behavioral Counselling
  • SAT Preparation
  • Individual need-based support in various subject areas (During and after school hours)
  • Girls Club and Boys Club (G III+)
  • ESL/ NSL (English as Second Language/ Nepali as Second Language)

The unique individualized program allows the student of today the freedom to explore their passion and address real life situations without the limitations of a traditional rigid grouping of subjects.

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