HMUN, Bengaluru, India 2023


Premier International IB Continuum School is thrilled to participate in the prestigious Harvard Model United Nations (HMUN) conference being held in Bengaluru, India, from 12th to 15th August 2023. As delegates from Premier, our students will engage in diplomacy, debate, and problem-solving to tackle pressing global issues. With their passion for international affairs and commitment to making a positive impact, our students are ready to represent Premier on the world stage to follow their journey as they develop leadership skills, build cultural understanding, and shape the future of our interconnected world.
Every year, HMUN India sees hundreds of delegates from across India and around the world come together to debate and develop solutions for some of the most pressing issues on the planet. We are ecstatic to watch the debate unfold again, this year.

For Information about HMUN, India 2023 click https://www.hmunindia.org/

Stay tuned for updates as Premier shines at HMUN and demonstrates the power of knowledge, collaboration, and global citizenship.