Ms. Pawitra Limbu

School Director

Message From The Director

We envisioned Premier not just as a school to prepare for life but a life in itself. It is a school well-crafted with deep thought and expertise led by passionate Nepali educators who dared to dream of a truly global standard school with Nepali values at its core. The curriculum, learning experiences are intentionally designed in such a way that it reflects the character of life which is always living, growing, and changing. One of the frequent compliments that our revisiting students and parents give us is that Premier is always growing and changing positively. We are not afraid of encompassing change and keep looking for the finest model of curriculum and pedagogical practice that is forward-thinking, relevant, based on research, and serves to the best of our students’ well-being.The ultimate goal of education is to help an individual to lead a productive and well-balanced life while developing him/ her strong enough to give back to society. To achieve this goal Premier International IB World School goes beyond transferring facts, knowledge, and skills and works towards awakening the human soul, each unique yet beautiful manifestation of individuals of their own rights. Our school curricular activities are structured with the aim to develop world-class leaders who have a sense of understanding and compassion for others, and the courage to act on their beliefs. This value is well reflected in the involvement of the entire school community, students, teachers, staff and parents all alike, in community service actions, something we all are very proud of as a school team.Premier International IB World School pioneers to take up groundbreaking vision to believe that adults are not the dictator of children’s life but a part and partial of their living and growing environment. As adults, we unlearn, learn, and grow with our students and guide them to be the best version of themselves. I warmly welcome all the educators, parents, and students to Premier International IB World School and discover its progressive unique culture and character which is truly a 21 st century educational institution.