Senior High School (GXI-GXII)

 After successfully making history in Nepali education Premier has yet again taken a forward-thinking step to redefine +2 experience through the implementation of the new national curriculum in an international standard. Our one of a kind program which allows the students to build their own degree is designed with the learner and the future in mind. The future is no longer limited by the borders of a country or the availability of jobs. The future is about finding one’s passion, understanding the needs of the society and being resourceful enough to think beyond the boundaries of set subjects to create something of value to the society. Therefore, our unique individualized program allows the students of today the freedom to explore their passion and address real life situations without the limitations of traditional rigid grouping of subjects.   

Being a part of Premier is being a part of an ever growing, forward-thinking community of caring leaders who are driven by the passion to bring a positive change in the society. Thus, the whole school community i.e., administration, faculty, students and their parents are committed to learning about the changing needs of the society, questioning the status quo, and finding creative ways to serve the global society. This value deeply reflects in our school culture, the learning experiences, and character refinement of our students.

We are a non-selective and non-discriminatory school which serves students of all abilities. Student placement is subject to the availability of seats, student readiness, and diversity.

Student application and enrollment process for grade XI involve the following steps.

      1. Application- Collect and submit the application form along with supporting documents
      2. Assessment – Student attends a written assessment
      3. Interview – Parents along with student attend interview with the school leadership
      4. Acceptance- Admission decision is made

Note – Students who have passed /appeared to SEE or equivalent examination can apply for admission