Premier aims to raise driven and self-motivated individuals who grow up to become compassionate leaders. In the Early Years and in the Primary Years, students engage in several group and individual learning activities in an environment which is non-threatening and nurturing, making them confident and ready to take on any risk to learn.


Middle School takes these risk-taking individuals and provides them with rich leadership opportunities such as the Student Activity Council, Model United Nations, School with No Walls, Community Project, My Story etc.


As students embark into the High School, they take on seminal leadership roles in our hallmark programs such as Student Ambassador, Duke of Edinburgh International Awards, Student Editorial Team, Student Leadership Summit, Police-School Partnership Program, etc.


By the time our students graduate from Premier, they are self-driven, independent and have the necessary exposure, skills and attitude to lead change be it in their higher education, their workplace, or in the greater community.

Annual Leadership Camp for Student Leaders

The unique individualized program allows the student of today the freedom to explore their passion and address real life situations without the limitations of a traditional rigid grouping of subjects.

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